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If you live in Wisconsin or Illinois furnaces are a necessity. I mean, come on, sometimes we have to use them all the way up until June!! So if you looking for the best priced furnaces without sacrificing quality of product, and all while having the best service. You came to the right place. We primarily offer two Brands. RUUD being our top tier product, and Frigidaire being our budget friendly product. However, if you’re a Carrier, Bryant, Goodman, Payne, American Standard, Rheem, Sure Comfort or whatever else; don’t let that discourage you. We can still source any particular product you may want. If you look over to the left you’ll se the typical furnaces we offer through RUUD. Just remember that there are compatible Furnaces to each of those models with Frigidaire. We can also provide and install both LP & Oil furnaces for all our rural customers.

Just because it says 80% efficient, doesn’t mean it under performs. 80% furnaces are ideal for certain situations and with the modern upgrades you can get on them, you can still save money on gas and electric. Here’s some of the features:

  • Two-stage operation
  • EcoNet™ enabled
  • Ruud-Exclusive PlusOne™ Ignition System
  • Industry-First PlusOne™ Diagnostic
  • Three way multi poise design
  • Constant Torque Motor
  • Input Rates 50-150
  • Single-stage
  • Constant Torque ECM Motor

Care about the environment? RUUD now offers the industries first Ultra Low NOx Technology. Which is Eligible for the $500 SCAQM

These are what replace the old school 90% efficient furnaces, better efficiency than the 80’s but cheaper than the very high efficent furnaces. Really is the best of both worlds. They are: 92% residential gas furnace CSA certified, 4 way multi-poise design, Constant Torque ECM Motor, Ruud-Exclusive PlusOne™ Ignition System, Ruud-Exclusive PlusOne™ Water Management System, & Industry-First PlusOne™ Diagnostics

These furnaces are the next step towards greater efficiency without paying too high a price. Yet you are still offsetting installment costs with the amount you save in gas and electric. They have 4 way multi-poise design, ECM Motor, are Single or Two-stage operation, Ruud-Exclusive PlusOne™ Ignition System, Ruud-Exclusive PlusOne™ Water Management System. Industry-First PlusOne™ Diagnostics, & Models R95TA060 and R95TA115 gas furnaces have earned the ENERGY STAR in the U.S. and Canada

These are your top of the Line furnaces; you definitely get what you pay for. The amount you save on gas and electric over the next ten years definitely helps to offset the cost. They are EcoNet™ Enabled, feature the new ECM Motors, have Modulating operation Saves on electric and maintain optimal comfort level), Ruud-Exclusive PlusOne™ Ignition  System (for reliability and longevity), Ruud-Exclusive PlusOne™ Water Management System, and Industry-First PlusOne™ Diagnostics.


Nothing beats Radiant when it comes to heating a space. Whether you have radiators or heated floors, Choosing the right boiler for your home will largely depend on the type of energy you use, the space you have to install it, and the available resources by your home. No matter which option you choose, boilers can be a great way to evenly heat your home and keep you warm all winter long.

A hot water boiler is both an extremely safe and efficient way to deliver heating to the radiators throughout your home through the use of hot water and pumps, controlled by pressure. The way a hot water boiler works is fairly simple. Once you adjust your thermostat to begin heating, the burner in the system will be activated, heating up the water. The water is then pumped through the system where it will expand. The heat that is produced by the hot water will then come out through the radiators. The cooled water will then return to the boiler for the process to start again. 

A steam boiler is most similar to a hot water boiler as it will use a heat exchanger to heat the water and deliver it to the radiators in your home. A steam boiler works by heating the water in the tank and converting it to steam, increasing the pressure. Once the pressure rises, the steam will rise from the pipes and the radiators and eventually open the radiator’s air vents. 

A condensing boiler utilizes a heat exchanger to heat the water before it is transported to the radiators and one to reheat water as it is returned. This allows them to use the energy in exhaust gases to have the water preheated before it returns to the boiler, making it a more energy-efficient option.

A combo boiler combines both a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler into one unit. They utilize the hot water directly from the tap, instead of having additional storage units. They are considered extremely energy-efficient as they heat the water instantly instead of heating the entire cylinder of water. They also are extremely compact, making them ideal for small spaces. Combo-boilers are also sometimes known as wall mounted boilers.